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10/5/2009 Press Release

TAB Funkenwerk Introduces New Products at AES Show

October 5, 2009, Gaylord, KS- AMI, creator of the TAB Funkenwerk line of mic pre-amplifiers and provider of microphone designs and transformers for half a dozen microphone manufacturers, announced the new products that they will show at this year’s 127th AES Show in New York City.

TAB Funkenwerk’s most popular model, the V78M is getting a facelift!  The new version will feature over 1/2” thick anodized aluminum face and back plates with the lettering laser engraved into the metal instead of silk screened.  “The new look will borrow some aspects of the historic Telefunken modules while incorporating new technologies to give the line its own unique look and feel”, said Joe Hauck, EVP of Sales and Marketing for AMI.  Improvements have been made to the switching mechanisms as well, making the unit even more road worthy.

The V72M is the new mono version of TAB Funkenwerk’s V72S, stereo tube mic pre.  Based on the circuit of a historic V72s module, the unit takes the same circuit path as the original stereo version but lays it out on a single PCB.  This allows the unit to move all of the key components farther from the power supply, simplify the construction and bring the cost of entry down for the consumer.  The V72M will be housed in the same type of casing as the new V78M.

The V77M is a new mono tube mic pre specifically designed for ribbon microphones.  The unit achieves 76 dB of gain and features an impedance selection system.  Using an Impedance Selector switch and Impedance Range switch, the user can choose from 12 different input impedances from 12-1000 Ohms to properly impedance match the unit to their particular ribbon microphone.

Lucas Electronics and AMI have announced a new joint project to follow up on the success of their recent release, the CS-1.  The new mic will be called the Lucas CS-4 and it will be their modern take on the historic U47.  Featuring German PVC capsules, NOS Telefunken tubes and a power supply that will allow the mic to incorporate the polarity patters of both the historic U47 and U48 microphones, the sign-up list will be starting this weekend at the AES Show.

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AMI, Inc. was founded in 1996 by Oliver Archut and located in Gaylord, KS.  AMI is the maker of the TAB Funkenwerk line of mic pre-amplifiers, the Oahu guitar amplifier as well as the designer and manufacturer of the Lucas CS-1.   AMI, TAB Funkenwerk, Oahu and V72 are trademarks registered with the USPTO.  T80, T60, V72M and V77M are all Copyright 2009, AMI.  Lucas CS-1 is Copyright 2009 Lucas Electronics.